T. Lux Feininger

Gruppenluftsprung auf dem Spielplatz, Albert Menzel ist erkennbar


Group jumping on playing field, Albert Menzel recognizable, (Eurythmy, or Jump over the Bauhaus)
Gruppenluftsprung auf dem Spielplatz, Albert Menzel ist erkennbar Repro: MAIN
  • 1927, in Dessau
  • Negativ verschollen; Repro-Filmnegativ vom Künstler hergestellt 1980, bez. oben rechts: 92, 120 x 90 mm

  • Abzüge bekannt:
    1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gilman Collection, Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee Gift, 2005, Inv. Nr.: 2005.100.296, Afga Lupex Silbergelatinepapier, 111 x 82 mm. Verso bez. vom Künstler: photo Lux Feininger., in rot: x, o, weißer Aufkleber: 92, ferner bez.: Lore, PH90.1429, und Inv. Nr.

    Reproduktionen bekannt:
    I. Privatsammlung, Silbergelatinepapier, 254 x 203 mm

  • Themen:  Bauhaus


Dancing on the Roof . Photography and the Bauhaus 1923-1929 2001 New York MET Exhibition Overview:
The work of the (then) adolescent student Lux Feininger, son of the painter and Bauhaus master Lyonel Feininger, was more lighthearted than that of the older master and theoretician Moholy-Nagy. Never without his camera, the young Lux, whose nickname is Latin for "light," roamed the school in search of activities he could transform into his characteristically exuberant views of student life, exemplified by the sprightly Jump over the Bauhaus (ca. 1927). He combined his love of photography and music in a suite of lively photographs of the Bauhaus jazz band; this includes an energetic rendering of his fellow band member Xanti Schawinsky with the New Saxophone (1928) and Charleston on the Bauhaus Roof (1927), a riff on youth and modern life. Like the spirited pictures that Jacques-Henri Lartigue made as a youth, Lux Feininger's photographs are witty, playful, irreverent, and extremely rare. With more than twenty of his photographs included, "Dancing on the Roof" provides an in-depth display of his best work—a "mini exhibition" of a remarkable photographer who is relatively unknown but still lively at the age of ninety.

Modern Times: Photography between two World Wars 1998 New York

The Waking Dream - Photography's First Century . Selections from the Gilman Paper Company Collection 1993 New York - New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art: May 25 - July 4, 1993
- Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh International Festival: August 7 - October 2, 1993
- Washington D.C., National Gallery of Art: June 19 - September 11, 1994

T. LUX FEININGER . Photographs of the Twenties and Thirties 1980 New York, Nr. 29.


The Waking Dream - Photography's First Century Maria Morris Hambourg, Pierre Apraxine, Malcolm Daniel, Jedff L. Rosenheim, Virginia Heckert 1993 New York, S./p. 253, Abb./ill. 189.

Father and son at the Bauhaus T. Lux Feininger 1983 Boston, MA, S./p. 20, Abb./ill.

1927-1931 47 bauhaus fotographs T. Lux Feininger 1980 New York, Nr. 29. Abb./ill.

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