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“I am convinced that everything that is worth while in the world has been accomplished by the free, inquiring, critical spirit, and that the preservation of this spirit is more important than any social system whatsoever. But the men of ritual and the men of barbarism are capable of shutting up the men of science and silencing them forever." (Doremus Jessup, 'It Can't Happen Here' 1935 by Sinclair Lewis 1885-1951)

"It is true that good walls and extensive spaces are very important, but works of art tend to remain silent when they are not facilitated to deliver their message. It is the care and the professional ability of the ones who believe in what these artworks have to say, that make all the difference." (Samuel Bak 1933)

"Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor."
(Sholem Aleichem 1859-1916)


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Contents of the archives

Samuel Bak Catalogue raisonné
9325 works of art
Italian Interlude
Bird's Eye View
Creative Process
Adam and Eve and the Inevitable
Study for Greatness
Study for Grandfather's Gift
Study for Self Search
Holding On
Study for Figuring Out
Three Scientists in a Landscape
More Than in a Few Blue Moons
T. Lux Feininger Catalogue raisonné
5004 works of art
Red Cutter
G K. Chesterton. The Man who was Thursday 4
Glass Dance III. Performer: Karla Grosch (in glass costume)
Still Life with blue-and-white Blanket, Masks
Trombone of the Bauhaus Band* (Still Life with Trombone)
Two Women at the Beach
Abandoned Engines (B&O 8wheel)
Pat Feininger at North Station Boston I
Bird (Bronze Heron)
Composition with Three Figures II (Eliot House)
The World of Albertine
Emblematical Composition
Petra Flemming Catalogue raisonné
597 works of art
Porträt Dieter H.
Stilleben mit Stahlkugel (auch "Der Tulpenstrauß")
Junge Arbeiterin der Baumwollspinnerei Naunhof
Alte Frau
Aus Deutschlands dunkelster Zeit "Zwei Frierende" (Polen 1943 - Zwei Tote)
Heilanstalt Löbichau, Posterstein (2)
Luis Corvalán
Lilja Brik und Wladimir Majakowski
Mein vierzigster Geburtstag
Pont des arts
Gerhard Kurt M. in Paris
Blick über die Dächer Leipzigs
Edith Piaf
Tunnel - Unterführung
Carl-Heinz Kliemann Works from a private collection
197 works of art
Essender Mann (vor Dunkelrot)
Kauernde Frau
Schwarze Straße
Landschaft mit Sonnenblumen
Weite Landschaft
Venezia II
Weg mit Grenze
Kühles Frühjahr
Vor dem Haus
Mit gelbem Himmel
Zum Strand [Ahrenshoop]
Gerhard Kurt Müller Catalogue raisonné
363 works of art
Frau mit Zitrone
Rue Ramponneau
Lesende Frau
Sitzende Frau mit Buch
Stilleben mit Trompete (für Gregor Müller)
La petite famille
Sterne und Kanonen
Große Maske
Die Baronin
Gespenster am Toten Mann I
LVIII - zu Henri Barbusse "Le Feu"
XXII - zu Henri Barbusse "Le Feu"
XLII - zu Henri Barbusse "Le Feu"
Baldur Schönfelder Catalogue raisonné
831 works of art
Der Schneider von Ulm II
Volkstümliches Instrument
Thüringer Landschaft mit Bergwiese
Verhüllter Torso
Der Besitz
Der Besitz II
Das Zimmer II
Berge mit Wolken I