Samuel Bak


Documentation of the method and organisation of the Catalogue Raisonné.

This online-catalogue presents the first complete publication of the Catalogue Raisonné of the oeuvre by Samuel Bak and it documents the current stage of work.

Catalogue Raisonné numbers have not yet been allocated.
The catalogue information is in English (American).

Owners and collectors of works by the artist are kindly requested to review, confirm and correct the published data. And to register works by Samuel Bak for the catalogue raisonné.

Modus/Usage of the website

The catalogue raisonné documents all works created by Samuel Bak: Paintings, Drawings, Collage, Graphics, Sculpture and Studies.

The user has a choice among various sorting- und viewing options.

The default setup of the page ARTWORKS is sorted by MEDIA (optionally you may sort by NAME or sort by DATING). The display is shown in a GRID view (optionally view by LIST). Pictures are shown in middle size.

The basic setup for the filter ARTWORKS on the left starts with the selection "Only Highlights"; please select "All Works" to see the complete list of works entered to date!

Here you also find the tab "Destroyed" – the list of works destroyed. The tab: “Bookmarks” that you can use to make your own personal list.

Furthermore new filters for better research are installed which allow a more detailed view into the artists work by “MEDIA” and added by the editor's “THEMES”.

Furthermore you can use the „Q Search...” field, located top left, next to the logo of the site (home button), you can enter digits, words, letters.(f.i.: 1973; Sea, left) - you need to set the ARTWORKS on “All works”.

Select your view of 25, 50 or 100 Works per page.

The works are, wherever possible, chronologically listed by date of origin. When a definite attribution is not possible, the estimated year of origin is preceded by “around”.
In such a case a search shows all the works that are in and around the year that is being looked at.
Works that have not been allocated are listed “n.y.”, no year.

A chronological rating within a year has not been made.
Catalogue raisonné numbers have not yet been allocated.

The catalogue raisonné is in English-American.

All known titles additional to the work title are published (see below).


The groundwork of the catalogue raisonné of the oeuvre by Samuel Bak are lists entitled by the artist himself.

Other sources were found in exhibition lists and catalogues, newspaper articles etc., listed under „Literature“, and also in the stocklists of Pucker Gallery, Boston (MA).

There was only limited access to the original works for measuring and making photos. Numerous collectors, museums, public and private collections have offered photos and information about the works in their possession, or gave access to the works. We are grateful to all.

Title, work description and signature

The original titles are mainly by the artist, Samual Bak.

Other titles by which a work is or may have been known or listed are also recorded. They either originate from documents by the artist or from publications in exhibition catalogues or reviews or other public documents.
All other titles are mentioned in round brackets after the original title. The sources of the other titles are not mentioned.

All artist descriptions on the works – signature, date, title etc – are cited verbatim. The placement of these descriptions is accordingly noted; the layout of the various words and numerals, as well as the style and manner are disregarded.

All descriptions are by the artist, when not, the exception is noted.


The literature index was checked, complemented and re-issued, using the sources known. It shows the publications about works of the artist or the artist in books, catalogues, exhibition lists, newspapers, magazines, periodicals etc.

When available it shows the author or publisher, place and year of publication with an information about the page and/or the illustration of the work. The complete bibliographical index is listed under Literature.


The list of exhibitions was checked, complemented and re-issued, using the sources known. When available the list shows the year, city, place and exhibition title as well as the catalogue numbers of the works exhibited. The complete bibliographical information is listed under exhibitions.


The information about the date of origin of a work is determined by the artist.

If the artist specified the dating with a day or month, this information is quoted.

When two consecutive years are noted and it can be assumed that the artist worked at the turn of the year, the work is dated at the start of the later year.

Whereabouts and provenance

„Whereabouts“ notes the owner or the location of the work known at this stage by the editors. Private collectors are marked in the online version as “private collection”. When the work is owned by a public collection, the requested name is noted.

When the current owner or the location could not be identified, or the owner has not reconfirmed the location, the work has been marked “Whereabouts not known“.

This information corresponds with current stage at the editorial deadline.

Photography: Repros without a name are in a private collection.

Provenances are not mentioned in the online version of the catalogue raisonné..

Technique, picture carrier, measurements

The technique information is followed by the picture carrier information.

The measurements are given in millimeter and inches, height x width. Measurements from the outer corners of the stretcher frame.

All accessible works were measured. In numerous cases this was not possible, the measurements are then taken from the sources, or marked „size not known“.

Works which comply with painterly techiques are under the heading/media of Paintings, no matter if they are made on paper. ["I think that when things look like paintings they can be put as paintings with the indication of the material added. Many of my works of oil on paper have been in later years put on canvas. It was never (or very rarely) done by me" [Sam Bak, eMail 27 Jan. 2017].


The collection list shows the public collections that hold works by Samuel Bak and who agreed to the publication of their names. Private collections are not mentioned in the online catalogue raisonné.

Illustrations and photo credits

It is attempted to present high quality images of the works. In some cases this was not possible since the appropriate reproduction document was not available or the document at hand could not be matched to the original. In various cases old black and white photos, color slides or amateur photos were used as illustration and although these were processed the quality remains largely insufficient. This has been accepted since it seemed more important to show the body of work as complete as possible.

In some cases no photo documentation about a particular work was passed on and so the illustration of the work was not possible. Therefore the photo plane remains empty.

The copyright lies with the artist, Samuel Bak.
The copyright under impressum gives information about the copyright and the source of the images.

The reproductions and photographs of the artworks shown are from different sources and by various photographers. The abbreviation shown next to the image refers to its source or photographer.

Photo credits - abbreviations with their complete text:

[No information]: Archives of the artist or the Pucker Gallery, Boston, MA
Fuis: Sasa Fuiz (VAN HAM Kunstauktionen GmbH&Co. KG Cologne), D
GR: Grisebach GmbH Berlin, D
HA: Harvard Art Museums, USA
Kr: Hermann Krause, D
Lewin: Richard Lewin, New York
MFA Houston: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
NN: nomen nescio, Name not known
SC: Siegfried B Schaefer, D
Sothebys: Photograph Courtesy of Sotheby's, Inc. (c)
Van Ham: VAN HAM Kunstauktionen GmbH&Co. KG, Cologne, D
VGSJM: Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, Vilnius, LT

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