T. Lux Feininger

Andreas & Wysse in Paris


Andreas & Wysse in Paris
Andreas & Wysse in Paris Repro: MAIN
  • 1933, in Paris
  • Glass negative, 64 x 89 mm

  • Prints known:
    1. Private collection, gelati silver print, 58 x 86 mm. Verso inscr. by the artist: pot-shot taken after lunch, 1/5 sec. out of the free hand. It looked too dark, so they did not take my toying with the cam. seriously, and got caughut. Photo by Lux, but when? Andreas & Wysse. 1935?

  • Themes:  Family & Friends


METROMOD Global Metropolises Modern Art and Exile Helene Roth 2021 München

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