T. Lux Feininger

Employment office Dessau III*


Arbeitsamt Dessau III
Employment office Dessau III* Repro: 1. art-archives.net
  • 1927-1928, in Dessau
  • Negative untraceable

  • Prints known:
    1. Private collection, vintage, Agfa Lupex gelatin silver print, 119 x 89 mm. Verso inscr. by the artist: Arbeitsamt, Dessau, gropius. photos were an assignment., and Inv. Nr.

  • TLF: "...Arbeitsamt Dessau, gropius. Photos were an assignment."

    [Also in his photographs of the Arbeitsamt (labor office) T. Lux Feininger shows "a more relaxed and playful relation to the camera” [Philip Ursprung] and his love for the Dutch angle; he is interested in the free play of the horizontal and vertical, the slants of the surfaces, light and shadow. His image compositions rely on the dynamics of lines and planes that appear in the building structure, in the shadows cast by the architecture. The then seventeen year old is not primarily interested in the documentation of architecture and constructional solutions.]

  • Themes:  Bauhaus
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