T. Lux Feininger

Chesterton: The Man who was Thursday 4


Chesterton: Der Mann, der Donnerstag war* 4
Chesterton: The Man who was Thursday 4 Repro: MB
  • 1929, in Dessau
  • Watercolor, pen and ink
  • 15 18 × 20 12 inches(38 12 × 52 cm)

  • Inscr. lower right: LUX FEININGER "the man who was thursday" by G.K. Chesterton. 4

  • [Three students of the stage-class at the Bauhaus Dessau - Hermann Clemens Röseler, Lux Feininger and Roman Clemens - refused to co-operate with the progressive 'Young Group'* founded in opposition to Schlemmer's teachings by fellow students (Mentzel, Hartmann, Grosch and others), and decide to develop their own term-project. The results are displayed - as 'free works' - in their group-exhibition before the summer holidays of 1929. The art historian Wilhelm van Kempen writes in his review for the Dessauer Volksblatt für Anhalt, published July 5, 1929: "... In his designs Lux Feininger preferres figurative depictions that show some spatiality - among them four drawings after Chesterton's 'The Man who was Thursday'...", cf. [209], p. 329, Ann. 453, 455]

  • Themes:  Bauhaus-Stage Literature & Phantasies


die feiningers - ein familienbild am bauhaus 2019 Quedlinburg

Bauhaus Ausstellung von Bühnenbildern 1929 Dessau


Bauhaus . Ausstellung von Bühnenbildern Rößeler, Feininger, Clemens  - P - 1929 Dessau

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