Website Update

UPDATE! As of now users of our website can define search categories, use additional filters and displays for better research!

The default setup of the page ARTWORKS is sorted by MEDIA (optionally you may sort by NAME or sort by DATING). The display is shown in a GRID view (optionally view by LIST). Pictures are shown in middle size.

The basic setup for the filter ARTWORKS on the left starts with the selection "Only Highlights"; please select "All Works" to see the complete list of works entered to date!

Here you also find the tab "Destroyed" – the list of works destroyed. The tab: “Bookmarks” that you can use to make your own personal list.

Furthermore new filters for better research are installed which allow a more detailed view into the artists work by “MEDIA” and added by the editor's “CATEGORIES”.

Furthermore you can use the „Q Search...” field, located top left, next to the logo of the site (home button), you can enter digits, words, letters.(f.i.: 1973; Sea, left) - you need to set the ARTWORKS on “All works”.

Select your view of 25, 50 or 100 Works per page.