T. Lux Feininger

Ahlbecker Boats in Deep (Ahlbecker Fishermen) (Ahlbeck Fishingboats)*


Ahlbecker Boote in Deep (Ahlbecker Fischer)* (Ahlbecker Fischerboote), (Ahlbecker Böte)
Ahlbecker Boats in Deep (Ahlbecker Fishermen) (Ahlbeck Fishingboats)* Repro: old photo
  • 1935, in Deep
  • Oil on canvas
  • Size not known

  • Inscr. lower left on the bow: AHL 4 and AHL 8, lower center: MIS 4

  • TLF 23.12.1998: "... maybe you are interested in learning more about the "Ahlbecker". - I have never been in Ahlbeck. But for a while 'the Ahlbecker' were an institution in Deep. Beginning of July they came up the coast from Pomerania and landed at the Rega. I am afraid that they were not really popular (except for me because of their fantastic boats) since they competed with the local fishermen and also snapped away the girls... - The boats were motorized but the fishermen sailed whenever possible. - For me this was a very romantic situation..." * [204]

  • Themes:  Ships-Sails Harbor & Sailors


Welten-Segler T. Lux Feininger zum 100.Geburtstag Ulrich Luckhardt, Peter Thurmann, Wolfgang Büche, Dagmar Lott-Reschke 2010 Köln, S./p. 146., Luckhardt 104

Galerie Nierendorf 1935 Berlin

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