T. Lux Feininger

Arrival of four "Ahlbecker"


Ankunft der vier "Ahlbecker"*
Arrival of four Repro: SC
  • 1934, July, in Deep
  • Colored pencil and pencil
  • 5 34 × 9 inches(14 12 × 22 34 cm)

  • Inscr. lower right: 8th July 34 Four of them!

  • TLF: "... The migratory fishermen of Ahlbeck in western Pomerania. In 1933 some eight or nine had come to Deep where they stayed on the beach at the harbormouth, apparently sleeping in their boats and fishing beyond the three-mile limit every day. I heard these tales and regretted not having been able to see this. In the following year I was in Deep once again, and haunting the beach every day with my telescope, on July 8 in the afternoon, I spotted a group of four just emerging from the horizon. It was a glorious sight to see them sailing right into the tiny harbor. - Next year (1935) they came again, with the addition of one sprit-rigged boat from Bansin. - I have painted these boats four times in various places, the first in Paris after my return in 1934, the last one in New York in 1953." [218, Vol. IV]

    [See below: Related works]

  • Themes:  Ships-Sails
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