T. Lux Feininger

Curtain Call


Curtain Call
Curtain Call Repro: SC
  • 2005, in Cambridge, MA
  • Oil on canvas
  • 18 18 × 20 18 inches(46 × 51 cm)

  • Inscr. lower right: T.LUX F. [stencil signature]; verso centered on the canvas: T. LUX. F. 2005 CURTAIN CALL [stencil text]

  • TLF 01.07.2007: "... 'Curtain Call' is a stillife made up of scraps of wood left over from my making carved toys and painted with artist's colors; the picture title aims at thanking the actors for their play - 'der Hervorruf [DaCapo]'..." [204]

    TLF 18.08.2007: "... The painting 'Curtain Call' represents my gratitude to many intuitions; the shapes and figures originate from toy production for my grandchildren, and the particular coloring means that these scraps have received their full right and are by no means 'second class citizens'..."* [204]

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  • Themes:  Literature & Phantasies


T. Lux Feininger . Ein Malerleben im 20. Jahrhundert 2005 Halle, Nr. 11.


Zwei Welten T. Lux Feininger 2011 Halle, S./p. 366. Abb./ill.

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