T. Lux Feininger

A Tjalk, an 'Ever' and a Coaster


A Tjalk, an 'Ever' and a Coaster
A Tjalk, an 'Ever' and a Coaster Repro: CF
  • around 1948
  • Ink and pen
  • 8 18 × 10 18 inches(20 12 × 25 12 cm)

  • Inscr. upper left: 3., upper right: 5., lower center: 4.

  • TLF: "... [3] Marie of Hamburg, off Bremerhaven bound up the Weser River. When sailing with a free wind the leeboard is usaually hauled up [5] hove short. This type of which several variants are in use, is known as "ever" along the Elbe River. The sharper lines and flat stern distinguish the ever from the tjalks and kuffs [4] hard alee! The cut of the tjalk's sails shows much the same bulge as her hull [The Rudder, October-1948]

  • Themes:  Ships-Sails


The Rudder - Marine Art T. Lux Feininger 1948 New York, S./p. 16.,17., Abb./ill.

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