T. Lux Feininger

Portrait in Paris - Theodore Lux at his Easel [Collaboration with Josef Tokayer]


Portrait in Paris - Theodore Lux an seiner Staffelei [Gemeinschaftsarbeit mit Josef Tokayer]
Portrait in Paris - Theodore Lux at his Easel [Collaboration with Josef Tokayer] Repro: MAIN
  • 1933, Winter, in Paris
  • Glass negative, 63 x 98 mm

  • Prints known:
    1. Private collection, gelatin silver print, 113 x 167 mm. Verso inscr. by the artist: Paris, rue Campagne Ière. Die Guitarre und 1 neuer Wecker (Fotos Toko, der schön grüssen lässt, and Inv. Nr.

  • [Collaboration. Josef Tokayer visits T. Lux Feininger in Paris; while using TLF's plate camera the colleagues arrange for several portraits, Tokayer presses the trigger and TLF presumably does the work in the dark room.]

    TLF: "Lux Feininger ("Theodore Lux") at his easel. 1933 in Paris in Theodore's [Spicer Simson] studio which I leased from him. The address was 3, rue Campagne Première. Through the legs of the easel is seen the big 4-string guitar built to my specifications by Mr. V. Harlan in 1929." [203]

    TLF: "In this period I also received, into the small bedroom my brother had vacated, the fugitive Tokayer, an old pal of Bauhaus Band times, when he had been the last blower of the saxophone." [205]

    [See below: Related artworks/paintings on the walls]

  • Themes:  Self


Zwei Welten T. Lux Feininger 2011 Halle, S./p. 134, Abb./ill.

Welten-Segler T. Lux Feininger zum 100.Geburtstag Ulrich Luckhardt, Peter Thurmann, Wolfgang Büche, Dagmar Lott-Reschke 2010 Köln, S./p. 125, Abb./ill.

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